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Giovin Re Toscana igt

Giovin Re Toscana igt

This wine was born thanks to a spontaneous intuition (tasting the Viognier grape present in the farm during the harvest, I recognized an extraordinary aromatic richness and decided to make a wine 100% Viognier). Giovin Re confirms year after year its special value.

After a short maceration on the skins, the must ferments in used barriques cleaned and polished, where it remains until March before being bottled without fining. It’s ready for consumption after other 6 months and reaches its full expression in the two following years. It shows its best expression when accompanying savory and spicy dishes of strong personality.

Grape varieties: Viognier 100%

Harvest period: 10th to 15th September

Vineyards: Vignanova

Vinification: the grapes are harvested at full maturation and placed in the press with whole bunches. The must is decanted for 3 days at 5 degrees and racked. Following the yeast inoculation during the early fermentation, the wine is poured in old barriques, previously cleaned and polished. Here the alcoholic fermentation takes place, after which frequent batonnage are carried out to enrich and round off the aromatic profile. The frequency and number of batonnage, are determined by tastings.

Fining: after about six months in wood (without malolactic fermentation), the wine is filtered and bottled. It remains one year in bottle before being released.

Longevity: up to 15 years