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Cavaliere Toscana igt

Cavaliere Toscana igt

It’s our Sangiovese selection in the estate vineyards, harvested at full maturation. It is fermented in 30 hl oak open vats and maceration is completed with the soft manual submersion of the cap and with pumping over procedures for fifteen days.
In the vineyards great care is given plant by plant, following each plant’s productive balance to express the best qualities of this grape, the symbol of Tuscany, for its elegance and nobility.

Grape varieties: Sangiovese 100%

Harvest period: last week of September / first of October

Vineyards: Vignanova

Vinification: after a previous passage, the grapes to produce this wine remain on the plants for a further week to prolong maturation. Harvest is manually made with great attention to the health of the cluster; then grapes are fully de-stemmed and crushed. Starting from this year, 30% of the grapes are put into whole-cluster fermentation. Yeasts are solely natives. Only manual submersions of the cap of the wine are carried out and only an open pumping procedure if necessary. The perfect maturation of the grape and the grape seed enables us to extend the maximum length of maceration, which often lasts more than two weeks.

Fining: in barriques for 24 months

Longevity: even more than 20 years