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"A lifetime's knowledge shimmers on the face
of the land in the mind of a person who knows."
Wendell Berry
My arrival in Castagneto Carducci is "coincidental." I came from Varese, and I was on vacation with my dad, an engineer, Sardinian surname and chromosomes, and my mother, a teacher, when I received a job offer from the owner of a local farm. I had just enrolled at the University of Agriculture of Milan (I graduated four years later in Pisa) and immediately with my first internship in October 74, I started with the harvest! My job was cleaning, serving the most humble tasks, watching and more watching, studying and working.

I learned many aspects of agriculture, I learned that the land becomes hard when the wind blows; that there will be bad weather when the swallows fly low. I learned the cycle of the plant and why in certain areas of the field, plants struggle and in others, they do not. I learned that the peasant culture is an immense patrimony of unity with nature and patient respect of reality.

I decided to ride the wave of a boundless passion to start my own business and I took some old vines and their old cellar for rent. In the '83 the first harvest, and from that day on, a story that has grown step-by-step with the history of Bolgheri (1984 is the year of foundation of the Bolgheri DOC). I planted my first vineyard in ‘91 and then purchased the land that I could and I felt right to be able to make wine, from the grapes I had planted and produce my own bottles. In those years my experience grew not only of the land but also of the international wine culture, and I began travelling abroad. This widened knowledge and comparisons.

My wife Lucia joined me in this adventure and, along with the company's history, shared with me the growth of a beautiful and large family: infact six children were born, five daughters and one son.

Now two of them, Giacomo and Benedetta, curious and passionat, are personally part of this company: on the path of tradition while looking at the new, the journey of the second generation begins!